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Part 10 | Homeschool Room Makeover
Part 11 | UnEnrolling From Public School
Part 12 | Go Forth and Homeschool
Part 13 | 25 Things I Won't Miss About Public School


Teach Them Diligently - Day 1
Teach Them Diligently - Day 2
Teach Them Diligently - Day 3
Teach Them Diligently - Full Review
Complete Review of Teach Them Diligently
How to Choose Sessions for a Homeschool Conference
Tools for Preparing Your Personal Conference Itinerary

HOMESCHOOL ADVENTURES  |  4th Grade (scroll down for previous grades)

Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices
A New Approach to Homeschool
End of Year Memory Books

HOMESCHOOL ADVENTURES  |  3rd Grade (scroll down for previous grades)

Third Grade Curriculum Choices

HOMESCHOOL ADVENTURES  |  2nd Grade (scroll down for previous grades)

Day 1  |  First Day of 2nd Grade + Curriculum Choices
Day 5  |  Easy Peasy Weekly Planner
Day 7  |  10 Reasons I Chose Easy Peasy Homeschool
Day 9  |  How to Use Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool
Day 26  |  FIELD TRIP: Buritt on the Mountain
Day 53  |  Homeschooling After a Long Break


Day 5 | UnEnrolling From Public School
Homeschool Birthday 
Day 12 | Our Best Yet
Day 15 | Growth Spurt
Day 16 | Handwriting
Day 23 | Origami
Day 24One Month Update
Day 25 | Engineering for Kids
Day 26 | Field Trippin' in Nashville
Day 28 | P.E. on a Winter Day
Day 29 | Family Valentine Party
Day 30 | A Girl and Her Library Books

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