April 30, 2016

April 2016 In Pictures

 The BEAUTIFUL quilt Skylar made with Aunt Sheila! They finished it in one day!
 So glad to have our girl home and back in the nest! 
 First load of dirt. 25 bags. 
 Our monthly Lego & Starbucks date. This time she ordered the drinks and paid (with the app on my phone). Growing up so fast! 
 I call the expansion the "urban garden". It's definitely a step up from the redneck garden. 
 Second load of dirt. 15 bags. 
She was so proud that she climbed this pallet of mulch.  
Our new compost bin! 
 The original redneck garden ready for 2016 with a few things left over from winter. 
Our grape vine. So many buds.  
Skylar & Baron in the car.  

School with Baron. 
 Yard Sale Day.
Popping out. 

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April 2016 Update

The first part of this month was spent getting us garden ready for summer. We actually added on a pretty big expansion and fenced it in, #BecauseBaron. It turned out great but it took several trips to Home Depot for dirt. Just this past week, little sprouts are starting to poke through the ground, which makes me super happy! Our grape vine is also loaded with buds so it should be a good year.

Baron is back and is doing SO much better than before. The transformation has truly been amazing! There are still some things we need to work on but overall he is MUCH more chill. He has even been able to do school with us each day because he's now content to just hang out and lay on the floor. I at least like him, at this point, which is a major improvement. There's hope for him yet!

I finished the rest of our annual house purge just in time for our community yard sale. Skylar has been wanting to set up a lemonade stand for weeks, so this was the perfect time. Best of all, she made enough money to purchase a new scooter that she has been wanting.

Mike received a promotion at work so we are super excited about that and I've had another new VA client. In fact, my project load is pretty full at this point. God just continues to meet our needs. We paid off our last student loan this month, which felt fantastic! Although, I was reminded that neither of us are working in the field we went to college for. It was good motivation to approach higher education a little differently in the future for Skylar.

Skylar had her year-end piano recital this weekend and she did great. She's improved a great deal from when she started 2 years ago. We are getting super close to being finished with school for the summer. I can't wait!

That's the scoop for this month. Everything else has pretty much been business as usual. For more April pictures, click here.