August 31, 2012

August 2012 in Pictures

Sorry there aren't a lot of pictures this month. Don't forget to check out our August 2012 Update.

1st Day of Kindergarten
Ready for School
We have moved a bed in our room for tLG since she kept ending up in there anyway! :)

Anniversary Date. Gun Range.
Me and Doula Baby #3!
My little snaggle tooth. :)

August 2012 Update


That pretty much sums up August. My girl started Kindergarten on August 1st. I'm still sad that the summer was so short but Skylar is off to a good start this school year. Everyone (including me) wondered how I would deal with this milestone. Surprisingly, I wasn't sentimental about it all. Part of the reason is because I'm on the PTO board this year and that little commitment kept my mind very busy for the entire week surrounding the big day. Also, this is actually her 3rd year at Stanford and her 2nd year in the same classroom with the same students and teachers so it wasn't all that "new." Exciting? Yes! tLG was thrilled about going to Kindergarten. As far as multi-age classrooms go, she is now one of the oldest in the class. Kindergarteners also have more perks, more opportunities and more responsibility, which makes my girl happy. The only thing that is truly "new" for this year is grades but I haven't seen any yet so I can't comment on that aspect. We did find out a few weeks ago that Skylar was tested and is eligible for the Encore program at her school, which starts in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted on how that goes too but I think it will be good for her. Between PTO meetings & events, fundraisers, and open house we've had a school function almost every week this month.

Now, as much as I wasn't sentimental about starting Kindergarten, I've cried real tears over her loosing her front tooth. I have no idea what the difference is. Most likely, it's the fact that teeth are a visible change. There's also the fact that she was braver than brave and could have cared less about pulling it. She. Didn't. Even. Flinch. I don't like all this growing up business. I remember anxiously anticipating each and every milestone and wishing she would do them sooner rather than later (first tooth, rolling over, crawling, first steps, first words). Yeah, I want to go back and replay those moments in slow motion about now. Hmpf!

This month I also helped another doula client, which went fantastic. I have another client due any day now. I really love doula work! My conference planning work is also picking up quite a bit. We leave at the beginning of October for another event so it's getting to be crunch time. I'm trying to figure out a way to tie together my passion for birth with my event planning and organizational skills. That would be a dream job!

This month Mike and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe we've been married that long. I'm sure seven will seem like a blip on the radar when we've been married 47 years (I just did the math on that and 47 years of marriage will make me 73 years old. Mercy, I hope I make it that long). We celebrated with dinner and a trip to the gun range. Probably not a typical anniversary date but it works for us. :)

Skylar also started her extra-curricular activity for this school year. She had a hard time deciding between soccer, karate, and dance. She FINALLY decided on dance. Oh my word. I seriously thought we were going to have to break out a pros and cons chart. She really had to weigh it all out before choosing. However, she didn't want just any dance class. It had to be hip hop. Let me tell ya, I had to search high and low for a studio who will teach hip hop for 5-year-old girls but I did. She absolutely LOVES her class! Watching is hysterical. My poor girl has zero rhythm. Nada. But, she loves her class, she thinks her teacher hung the moon, and she's getting exercise and learning coordination. Mission accomplished!

My mom was here visiting this weekend and she and Skylar had fun together. I personally was sorry to see her leave since she was all to eager to clean and wash dishes. :) Plus, I got an interrupted morning of shopping. For me. That was nice!

I still can't believe summer is over. Stay tuned to see what we're going to be up to this fall.

Don't forget to check out our August 2012 Pictures.

August 30, 2012

The Prodigal Yogi

BACKGROUND: In October 2011, I managed to score a $300 gift certificate to the YMCA at a Silent Auction for only $80. What a deal! My plan was to save it for summer mainly because they had a pool. In the meantime, I was still attending classes at Hot Yoga House. In February 2012, my work schedule went nuts as we were in the final countdown to an April conference. I was also still working another job and trying to get my doula certification completed before June. There was no time for anything extra-curricular, let alone yoga. But I missed it. I was majorly stressed and exhausted from NOT exercising. It was a vicious cycle. In May, with the conference successfully behind me, I redeemed my little YMCA gift certificate and it was enough to last 4 months, which brings us to present day. This is a story about how cheaper and closer are not always better.

Here are the top 12 (sorry, I couldn't stop at 10) reasons why I'm going "home" to the Hot Yoga House.
  1. HEAT - I like it hot. Regular yoga is not. When you are used to the heat, a regular yoga class feels cold. I don't like to be cold. I usually can't enjoy my final savasana because I'm freezing.
  2. TARDINESS - At the Y, if you are late to class you get locked out of the room. There is nothing worse than making the effort to get to class only to find that you are a minute late and the door has already been locked. At The House, you are always welcome. The backdoor is always unlocked. Plus, if you call ahead to say you will be late, they'll even leave a mat out for ya. That's love!
  3. CLASS SIZE - The yoga room at the YMCA is twice the size of Hot Yoga House. However, they limit it to 30 students and, you guessed it, the door gets locked. So, even if you show up 5 minutes early, if the class already has 30 students then you are out of luck.
  4. PAIN - Don't get me wrong, doing hot yoga leaves me with my fair share of soreness but it's the good kind. Cold yoga just leaves me hurting in a bad way. Mainly it's because my muscles never get warmed up properly before we head into poses and I spend the next day creaking around.
  5. LEVEL of DIFFICULTY - I realize that the YMCA class is trying to appeal to everyone but it's too easy for me (well, until we get to core work. my stomach muscles hate me). I rarely feel challenged. Granted, most of the time at Hot Yoga House I feel too challenged but I've learned how to make modifications appropriate for my skill level. Plus, it's a good reminder that there is always something else to teach my body even if it seems like its gonna take 10 years for me to get my head to my knee.
  6. TEACHERS - I never really jived with any of the instructors from the Y classes. Well, there was this one girl I really liked on Thursday mornings but I can't make that class time. I found the other instructors hard to follow. I will admit that it was getting better as I continued to go and learned their style. For me, I like to close my eyes for the majority of class. I need a teacher who can use their words to show me what to do so that I'm not constantly looking around trying to figure out exactly which direction to contort my body. There's also one who takes yoga a little too seriously. No laughing allowed. Yeah, that's not gonna work for me. LOL!
  7. SUN SALUTATIONS - To me, sun salutations are the equivalent of california rolls. When I first tried sushi I was given a california roll. It was so blah. It wasn't until I tried "real" sushi that I fell in love with it. This one class at the Y is full of sun salutations. I'm bored. I literally yawn throughout the whole class. HYH taught me that there is more to yoga than just sun salutations.
  8. VERBIAGE - The instructors at the Y are a little tooooo yoga for me sometimes. They use words like "3rd eye" and "hasta bandha" and "hiroshima". Kidding on that last one. My biggest pet peeve is that they all refer to corpse pose as shavasana. I learned it as savasana - no "H." Therefore, every time we move into what I like to call "my 5-minute nap" I get distracted and irritated. In my head all I can think of is "why do they keep adding an H?" So annoying.
  9. SOUL FOOD - The thing I like best about The Hot Yoga House is that the instructors have a way of using their words to encourage me regarding daily life and this is definitely missing at the YMCA. I go to yoga to do more than just work my body. I need that mind release and reboot. The HYH instructors are definitely pros at giving me the words or phrases or stories that I need at just the right time. I leave there feeling truly refreshed in all areas - mind, body, and spirit.
  10. PERKS - My main reason for joining the Y was the pool. I figured me and tLG could hang out this summer. Turns out we still like the lake better. My child saw the pool only twice this summer and both times were with her Grandma, not me. The other reason was childcare. However, I now have a solution to that problem. Hubby has gotten a recent promotion at work and can now have some say so over his schedule, which means I can start attending classes regularly because his schedule should be a little more consistent.
  11. PRICE - Remember my good deal from the silent auction? Well, right now Hot Yoga House is celebrating their 4th birthday and they have tons of deals. I'm thinking about the 20 class pass for $140 (makes it $7 per class). I usually like to go twice a week. Over a month, it's basically the same price I would be paying at the YMCA anyway.
  12. FAMILY - This is a biggie. I miss the family feel of Hot Yoga House. The owner knows me by name and just like the theme song to "Cheers" says....
Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same.
You wanna be where everybody knows
your name.

So, look out guys. I'm coming home!