May 31, 2012

May 2012 in Pictures

Here are a few pics from this past month. Don't forget to check out our May 2012 Family Update.

Gymnastics Spring Fling

Smyrna Air Show

Pilot Skylar

Going on a Hike with Daddy (she made it 3 miles!!!!!)

My beautiful, sassy girl.

Field Day

Playing Kick Ball

Author's Tea

School is Out for Summer!!!

Lake Day

This keeps happening a lot lately. Funny. ;)

Lowe's Build & Grow

May 2012 Update

May was insane. In more ways than one. First, I was still trying to recover from my trip to California and also catch up on everything that got pushed to the wayside while I prepped for that conference. This included general chores around the house but also taking Skylar for her Kindergarten physical and first dental appointment. She's lost 2 teeth so far and there is a 3rd one hanging on for dear life. Her six year molars came through unannounced. One day, they were just there. Her new permanent teeth are also poking through. The poor child has a tiny mouth just like her mamma and we have no idea where these new teeth will go. I'm thankful to have found a pediatric dentist who is just fine with the wait and see approach as I'm not anxious to start pulling teeth any time soon.

This month I also did Skylar's spring photo shoot before it got too hot. She's not exactly a fan of having her picture made but I thought we did pretty good, considering. On Mother's Day I was treated to breakfast in bed and tons of cards and art work, which was a huge change from last year. This year, I actually felt appreciated. Maybe it's because we were just two weeks post conference where Mike had to be Mr. Mom for a week. ;) Either way, I rather enjoyed being pampered even for just one meal. We spent the afternoon at the air show and finished the evening with dinner served by "the guys" in Mike's family. So, essentially, I didn't have to prep or cook TWO meals in one day. Score!

Some of the year-end activities included Spring Fling at Magnitude gymnastics. At Stanford, we had Field Day and Author's Tea. The tea was really fantastic. Parents (in this case, me and Grandma) are allowed to come in and the student has a chance to show off their art work and the stories they have written to go along with it. It was very similar to the Tiger Tale she brought home a few weeks ago, except that she had painted the pictures and had typed the stories. The teachers did a nice job of displaying the student's work. The art program is called Power of Pictures and that is part of the Montessori philosophy. I suppose now would be a good time to remind you of how much I love Stanford and how much my daughter loves art. It's a great combination! ;)

Skylar struggled a little bit with the end of the school year. I think it was a combination of things but the biggest was spring fever. I can't blame her. I was secretly counting down the days too. We celebrated the end of the year in our typical fashion meaning that I "dressed up the car" (Skylar's term) and we went for ice cream. This year, we also celebrated by re-stocking our art supplies. Since the last day of school was on a Thursday, we continued our summer tradition by going to the lake the very next day. The lake is my happy place. It's the closest thing I can find to a beach in Nashville. It will just have to do and I make the most of it.

It's unreal how thrilled I was to see the end of school come. Mike says I am oozing summer happiness. I'm a lot more laid back in summer. Sure, most weeks are a struggle as I figure out how to squeeze in my work schedule and still keep Skylar entertained but I just LOVE summer. Plain and simple.

Stay tuned for next month. It includes our annual "School's Out for Summer" trip and our 1st (hopefully annual) Summer Solstice Party!

Don't forget to check out our May photos.

May 6, 2012

my little gymnast

Skylar just participated in her first Spring Fling at her gymnastics studio. She's been taking lessons for about 11 months. I still remember when I took her to the very first class. I laughed so hard. It was hysterical. My 4 year old was so, SO uncoordinated. Even the warm-up stretches threw her for a loop so let's not even talk about her crab crawl. However, she gets minimal playtime at school and I felt it was important for her to have some exercise so we continued classes much thanks to a certain aunt & uncle benefactor (THANK YOU!!!). It's been amazing to watch just how far she has come in a year's time. I was so proud of her yesterday. She worked hard and even earned a trophy to show for it.
Here's a little video of the event.

We are taking the summer off mainly because she gets plenty of exercise in the warmer months but also because she wants to try out some other things like art camp. Actually, we are going to do one week of gymnastics camp too. She has expressed an interest in wanting to try karate next school year, so we'll see. :)

May 2, 2012

42 pounds. 46 inches.

Today I took Missy Prissy for her Kindergarten physical.

If you haven't noticed, we're not big on the whole doctor scene. We have, however, found a medical practice who is completely okay with our natural views and alternative medicine choices. Still, I will exhaust all means before we head to the MD's office. In fact, when I called to make her appointment, they assumed we had changed pediatricians because she hasn't been seen in their office in over 2 years. Her last visit was for her required preschool physical and the only bout of sickness she has experienced in the last 24 months was a little stomach bug that lasted about 12 hours. No appointment needed.

I am extremely thankful to have such a healthy child and I do not take this fact for granted. Most days, I am probably overly conscious of her health. I worry about the foods she eats and I spend a lot of time taking precautionary measures to help her maintain a healthy immune system. I am definitely happy that we manage to stay out of the doctor's office.

Anyway, back to our visit. She did great! They took her height and weight and she read from the eye chart on the 20/20 line with no problems at all. Once we were in the exam room, the nurse took her blood pressure, temperature, and a finger prick to test hemoglobin levels. These were all within a normal range. The NP listened to her heart & lungs, checked her ears & throat, tested her reflexes, and felt for any stomach masses. All looked good. They asked a few developmental questions and asked if I had any concerns as a parent. Nope. She was deemed fit and healthy and ready for Kindergarten. Too bad I had to pay $15 for them to tell me what I already knew. ;)

Last Year Stats: She was 43.5 inches tall (97th percentile) and weighed 37.5 pounds (55th percentile).

Current Stats: She is 46 inches tall (90th percentile) and weights 42 pounds (54th percentile).

And, yes, I am intentionally not discussing how I feel about her starting Kindergarten in a few months. Where does the time go?

A Tiger Tale

My girl came home with this from school today.

She's been talking a lot lately about authors and illustrators and she makes sure I don't skip that page when we read bedtime stories. Over the past few weeks, her class has been studying Asia and she has really enjoyed it. Through her, I've learned all about the continent, Mount Everest, and Giant Pandas.

{side note} She's only 5, by the way. May seem old to some but she's still my baby girl. Five is YOUNG, yet she is growing up so fast. I don't like it. Not one bit. {end note}

Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when my PreK daughter comes home with a "story" and matching illustration that she worked on all by herself. I was impressed. The fact that she can now read and write has opened up a whole new world for her. She's always been very articulate but now she can communicate in a brand new way. I'm thrilled for her! Since this story is spelled phonetically, let me translate for you.
The tigers are hunting for food.
The cubs are watching their mother how to hunt food.
These tigers are trying to stay out of danger.

Be still my heart. Is this not the cutest tiger family you have ever seen? I'm pretty sure my mother's bias is at play here. So, what? I am one proud mamma!

tLG - author. illustrator.