December 31, 2011

December 2011 Update

We survived another holiday season. Other than the fact that I was behind on shopping until the very last second, it wasn't too bad.

Skylar was a wee bit skeptical of Santa this year. Not him so much as the fact of whether he exists or not. Red Robin, our Elf on the Shelf, certainly helped her to believe. She loves that little elf and was SO sad when he had to go back to the North Pole. Last year, that elf was on the chopping block as I feared he took away too much of the meaning of Christmas. While there was still some of the gimme-gimme-presents attitude still going on this year, she was much more concerned with making sure her "friend" came back each day. It gave her a bit of a sparkle and left some of the magic alive. It was just the right amount of make believe so I decided he could stay.

One of my new favorite holiday traditions is going to the Nashville Christmas parade. This year it wasn't freezing cold, which was nice and our best parade buds were there with us. Skylar loves the bands and spent the majority of the parade "drumming" with her cotton candy stick. The best part of our little holiday tradition is visiting Krispy Kreme afterwards. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the Hot Dounughts Now sign. :)

Another fun thing for this year was making homemade gifts. I won't say that I'm addicted to Pinterest but it certainly gave me a lot of ideas. I think all of our little homemade gifts turned out very cute. Even Mike got in on the action by making some wooden blocks for our youngest nephew.

We spent Christmas with Mike's family and my Dad, Mimi, & Whitney came up to visit shortly after Christmas. In fact, Skylar went back with them and is spending a few days making her rounds in Alabama. Mike and I are busy trying to get this house back in order. So much has fallen to the wayside in the past few months with me working an extra job and Mike working too. I'm hoping we can get on track to start 2012 on the right foot.

As for Mike and I, we are doing well. Mike has recently started playing the trumpet again and is enjoying that. As for me, I am finally registering to get my doula certification. It's been a long-time goal of mine and I am finally going for it.

Thanks for following along with our little family this year. We are looking forward to 2012!

a look back at my 2011 resolutions

It's the last day of 2011 and I thought it would be a very appropriate time to look back at my resolutions and document how I did. (Stay tuned for my 2012 resolutions.)

In 2011, I resolved to
  1. Have a date with my hubby once a month. We certainly had more dates than usual this year although many of them weren't exactly labeled "date night." It was still nice to have alone time together. As our dear daughter gets older, it's certainly easier to find time and friends to pawn her off on. I love my little village of people (you know who you are)! I did establish a Date-Night Budget as part of our finances, which has a surplus at the moment.
  2. Exercise twice a week. On average, I would say that I exercised once a week. I'm still in love with hot yoga but, with me going back to work, it's been hard to go more than once a week. I love going on Sunday nights and I have tried to do everything in my power to make that class. Even hubby went with me a few times. I really need to work on spending time with my mat at home during the week. Then again, there's just no substitute for Misty and The Hot Yoga House.
  3. Floss regularly. Yeah, I'm just not a big flosser. I just don't see the point really but I did try. I have plenty of those little floss pick thingies but I just couldn't make it a part of my daily routine. I'm sure my mom, the dental hygienist, is cringing at the moment.
  4. Journal often. This one I definitely did. I blogged and I also took up journaling in the traditional way. Our family went through some tough things this year and I wasn't necessarily willing to announce our issues to the world but I still felt the need to document what was happening. Journaling is also therapeutic for me. So, I bought a journal and wrote! Mission accomplished.
  5. Learn to shoot a gun. I can't say that I'm a proficient gun user at this point but I did shoot A gun this year. It was down at my Dad's on the back property with just me and the hubs. It was nice and I wasn't completely turned off by it as I thought I might be. I didn't necessarily love it but I'm willing to keep trying.
  6. Eat dinner together as a family. We did really great at this for most of the year. I had actually forgotten that this was one of my resolutions. We certainly all ate together most nights but it wasn't always at the dining room table as I had initially planned. Now that Christmas is packed away and the dining room has been reclaimed, we should easily get back on track with this one.
  7. Transition to a paper-free kitchen. I'm still working on this one. I'm certainly using much less paper in the kitchen but we aren't totally paper free at this point. I bought some terry cloth pads that I use for wiping down the counters/table each night and we have a designated towel that is used for drying hands. My mom just got me some home-made hand towels that have the little crocheted loop at the top so that I can place them around the kitchen where they stay put. I can't wait to start using those!
How did you do with your resolutions last year?