September 30, 2016

September 2016 in Pictures

Don't miss the full September 2016 Update

My new do after donating 11 inches


 The jeep got new bumpers
 My Daddy brought me a ton of fresh elderberries 
and I made a new batch of syrup for this winter. 

 This was a first. I was so thankful for the opportunity to accompany my client into the Operating Room for Cesarean Support. 
 Beach ready with my signature color and chevron pattern nails. 
 This silly girl pulled a tooth right as we were boarding the plane. Never a dull moment with her. 
 Pretending to ride the subway (on the luggage cart). I heart her!
Shell hunting. 
 She found an awesome clam with the critter still inside!
 Don't ask my why but she wanted to be buried in the sand. 
One day I'm gonna miss having a silly 9-year old.  
 The beach crew - PCB 2016
 Watching the penguins swim. 
 Had a blast at Gulf World. 
 This girl is the best traveler in the world!
 Cashing in our coin jar getting ready for our Orlando vacation! 
I FINALLY got a red tomato at the end of September. After Baron, I had to replant 3 different times. I was determined! Bless it. 

September 2016 Update

Skylar has been doing well on the Jr. Swim Team. It's amazing how much her strokes and stamina have improved in such a short period of time. I'm so excited to see her continue to work on her skills. Also, swim team is no joke. It's quite the workout. It makes her eat a lot and sleep hard. Just when we thought she had adjusted, they got a new coach so she's had to adjust to her new workout. I'm beyond proud of her hard work.

This month I also made my 4th hair donation. I had 11 inches this time. I typically do not like my hair short. However, I think this is the first short hair cut that has really grown on me so quickly because it's so versatile. Lindsay at Hair By Design did a fantastic job! I *think* I've decided I will try to donate 3 more times, which is basically 10 more years of hair growth. Also, 7 is the number of completion. :) It's seeming to get harder and harder each time so I'm hoping I can manage it. I really enjoy donating but it's quite a process of maintenance and preparation when done intentionally.
In mid-September we spent a week at the beach with my mom, per our tradition. We had a great time snorkeling and collecting shells as is our regular beach routine. We had quite a display when it was all said and done! Skylar also found a huge clam with the critter still inside. 

We spent our last day at Gulf World at Skylar's request. We saw all types of sea life and Skylar was even able to help out at the dolphin show. 

I can't tell you how much I enjoy traveling with my girl. We've been flying together at least once a year (if not more) since she was 18 months old. She knows her way around the airport like a boss. Every time we travel I have her read the boarding pass and tell me where we should go. Same thing when we deboard. I seriously just follow her around. She's a pro!
We also started homeschool co-op this month with Legacy Family Academy. This is our first year to participate and it's been a good experience so far. We know several families who are already there so the transition has been an easy one. Skylar is taking sewing, archery, and astronomy this semester and really likes all of her classes. 

We are getting ready to go on an awesome vacation! We've been looking forward to it for more than a year and this will definitely check several items off of our bucket list! I can't wait. One. More. Sleep. :)

Here's a few more pics from September.

August 31, 2016

August 2016 in Pictures

Be sure to check out the August update for full Olympic-related details.
All of the kids picked a country to look for in the 
Parade of Nations and colored their flag.   
 Go #teamUSA
 Olympic-themed party food 
 My bestie and me love the Olympics so much! 
 1st day of 4th grade
Konked out in Olympic Central
 Rock climbing at Climb Nashville
 Our trip downtown on the Music City Star
 Creative Play by The Cousins
 Sometimes #RedneckGardening means 
eating raspberries right off the vine. 
Proud of her wristband for passing the swim test!
 Lake Day!
 Had SO much fun on the tube!

August 2016 Update

August can pretty much be summed up in one word: 


Oh goodness, do I love me some Olympics! We kicked it off with our favorite friends and an Opening Ceremony Party complete with theme food, crafts, and the Front Yard Olympiad.

Then we moved every TV in the house to the living room and referred to it as Olympic Central.

After a few nights of my people falling asleep on the couch, we moved a mattress downstairs. I'm not even kidding. Y'all, I am SERIOUS about the Olympics. Hard core.

For 2+ weeks there was a TV tuned to Olympics pretty much 24/7. If you saw me, called me (please just don't), or texted me this past month, chances are pretty high I worked Olympics into the conversation. Occasionally my people, friends, and home felt neglected. I just kept telling them that this only happens ONCE EVERY 4 YEARS. Also, #HatersToTheLeft

Yes, of course, we have matching T-shirts. Why are you surprised?

I really think this Olympics was my favorite (I probably say that every time) but there were some awesome stories, moments, and intense competitions. I was in hook, line, and sinker. Part of what I love about the Olympics is that it restores my faith in humanity. Although, I think all my favorite Olympians are retiring. Thankfully, there is an awesome group coming right behind them!

Oh, as a side note, we also started school this month. I think Olympics helped distract me from the fact I have a 4th grader. I seriously get so sad about this growing up business. Anyway, we spent the first two weeks easing into the year with a focus on, you guessed it, Olympics. Don't be fooled, Skylar loves the Olympics about as much as I do but we both learned so much by doing an in-depth study. It was fantastic to be learning about a subject so intently while it was happening in real life. Homeschool for the win. Also, she made an ah-maz-ing Olympic world in Minecraft!

On another Olympic-related note, Skylar has been talking about swimming since the beginning of summer. When the trials were on TV, she kicked it up a notch (shout out to her idol, Missy Franklin). When the Olympics started she was relentless. And then she got her Aunt Laura on her side, which left me no choice. ;) We enrolled her in swim classes. Nevermind that the class interfered with Olympic Primetime coverage (thank goodness for the NBC app). She went to 4 classes and then they graduated her to Jr. Swim Team, which made all her 9-year-old dreams come true. She works so hard in practice and is doing so well. We are really proud of her and excited to see where this takes her. If nothing else, it helps me put a big ole check mark next to the PE requirement.

When my beloved Olympics came to an end, we celebrated in the same way we started - Closing Ceremony Party with good friends and good food!
As as spectator, I was exhausted. It's hard work keeping up with your favorite athletes and staying up late every night to watch them compete. I had an Olympic Hangover every morning and was on #TeamNoSleep for like 17 days. And then I had Olympic Withdrawls in the worst kind of way. The only cure was to switch to vacation countdown mode. We leave for the beach in a week and Orlando in a month. Yaasss!!!

If anything else important happened this month, I couldn't tell ya... because Olympics. Okay, stuff did happen. More pictures here.

July 31, 2016

July 2016 in Pictures

You definitely do not want to miss the July 2016 update. We were quite busy this month! 
We were welcomed to Bama with a gigantic bonfire!
 Yep, that's all SIX of us on ONE 4-wheeler!
 Church with Dad & MiMi
 On her outing with Aunt Nita & Uncle Bill for "Sky Day!"
 Crazy kiddo! 
 Swimming at Uncle Bennie's
She got a new Build-A-Bear. Meet DJ!

Skylar, Briella, Mom & PawPaw
We are getting all kinds of patriotic up in here these days!
 Watching the Olympic Trials #RoadToRio

15 pounds lost with THM!  
 Picking green beans in our garden!
 Skylar LOVES going to the eye doctor! 
Tour of Nashville Murals 
 We are the best moms ever!
This was one of our favorites! #WhatLiftsYou
 A little stop at the splash pad!
 Our kiddos letting their personalities shine!
On a hike to Foster Falls!  

Caught a glimpse of my Mini Me in the mirror!
 GROW Enrichment Summer Camp
 Love my voting helper! 
 Getting ready to ride the rapids in the creek!
 Thankful for a little R&R weekend with my girl before school starts back!